1. When did Philippe Matignon Launch?

Launched to meet the needs of the most qualified specialized retail shops, in December 2003 it became part of the a Golden Lady Company Group , European leader in the hosiery market, adding to the other important brands of the group and becoming its flagship. After the take-over, the Philippe Matignon brand began selling in the Goldenpoint retail chain and this increased brand knowledge and appreciation not only in Italy but worldwide.

2. Where is Philippe Matignon distributed internationally?

In Italy, Philippe Matignon is distributed in over 2,100 mid-high level, specialized retail shops, Goldenpoint stores, Golden Lady multi-brand shop chains and in Department Stores: Rinascente and Coin. There are approximately 500 Goldenpoint shops throughout Italy. Although Italy is the first sales market, exports are becoming more and more significant. Italy accounts for 68% of the total turnover, whereas exports weigh for 32%.

3. Where is the PM name from?

Despite the reference to French haute couture, that matches Philippe Matignon with a highly experienced designer, the brand is wholly Italian. The story goes that the name Philippe Matignon draws inspiration from a street in Paris, Avenue Matignon 

4. Do you have different collection(s)?

Philippe Matignon has a Classic Collection which sells year round and includes over 100 basic styles in different colors, sizes and textures. In addition, PM has Fashion Collections that are launched for Spring/Summer, Fall/Winter and a special Holiday collection. The newest addition to the Philippe Matignon collection is the Bridal Collection which is available year round.

5. How can I request a lookbook, catalogue or media kit?

Please contact sales@revivalbrands.com for all requests.

6. What is the price range?

The Philippe Matignon price will range depending on the selected merchandise. On average the price range falls between $18 -$50. Intimates highest price point is $94.

7. How can I carry Philippe Matignon?

Please contact our sales department to carry Philippe Matignon. Contact: Sales@revivalbrands.com.

8. What are my payment options?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. 

9. How do I return an Item?

All Lingerie is FINAL SALE.

To return items purchased online, please follow these steps:.
  • Complete the return/exchange reason form connected to the invoice.
  • Pack the item(s) securely in the original product packaging. Please include all items and paperwork. All items must be returned in good condition to ensure credit/exchange
  • Enclose the return form with the item. If you can not send your invoice, please include their order number, billing name, and address with the item(s).
  • Ship your package to us. It is recommended that you use a traceable and insurable shipping method. All return shipping charges must be prepaid.

    Attn: Return/Exchange 
    275 W. 39th Street, 5th floor
    New York, NY 10018

10. What are my shipping options?

Ground service: approx. 3-6 business days; Alaska/Hawaii, approx. 7-9 days. 1-day express: first delivery attempt on the following business day, if order is placed by 10:30 AM eastern time. 2-day express: first delivery attempt on the second business day after all orders placed by 10:30 AM eastern time. 3rd Day select: First delivery attempt on the third business day after all order placed by 10:30 AM eastern time. As soon as your shipment leaves our warehouse, you will receive a shipment confirmation by email. The email will contain a link that you can use to track the exact transport status of your shipment online.

11. Do you ship abroad?

Products ordered from www.philippematignon.us can only be delivered to recipients within the United States.

12. How do I cancel my order?

We pride ourselves in sending out your merchandise as soon as possible. We may begin processing your shipment immediately after your order is placed, which means it can no longer be canceled. Please contact our customerservice@revivalbrands.com to find out whether it is still possible to cancel the order.

13. How many weights/deniers are available?

The different deniers express the degree of hosiery sheerness, fineness and transparency. The finer the yarn, the less the deniers, the sheerer the hosiery garments, the more they are fragile. " 8 to 10 den, hosiery garments are ultra-sheer, very light and transparent " 10 to 20 den, they are relatively sheer and more resistant " 20 to 40 den, they are semi-opaque " 40 den and over they are opaque, heavy, thick and have greater resistance and longer durability.

14. How shall I wash my stay-ups?

They must be washed by hand at maximum 40� paying attention to properly wash silicone as well: soap must be thoroughly rinsed out so that adhesion is enhanced.

15. How should I wash and dry?

Wash: by hand in lukewarm water and with a mild detergent. In order to protect your tights, you need to rinse them thoroughly but do not rub or pull them. If you want to use the washing machine, you could put your tights into special small washbags or into a pillowcase. Tights must never be dry-cleaned. Dry: Far from direct heat sources such as heaters, sun rays and drying machine. Never iron them as fine and valuable yarns are very delicate and may easily be damaged.

16. Can I put cream on my legs before wearing stay-ups?

Creams, make-up and talc neutralize the hold-up and adherent properties of the silicone on the band.

17. What can I do if I am allergic to silicone?

Most stay-ups employ silicone but recently other substance have also been used. You can check with customer service first so we can confirm whether or not an item uses silicone. We also offer additional styles with no silicone hold-up.

18. What's the purpose of silicone in stay-ups?

Silicone is applied to the band so that it adheres to the leg and enhances the stay-ups to hold up and not slip off.

19. Are there any tricks to make tights last longer?

Tights are extremely fine and delicate; it is advisable not to handle them with nails or rings.

20. How do I wash and dry my tights?

We recommend washing by hand, in lukewarm water, and with a mild detergent. Hang tights to dry. Keep tights far from direct heat sources such as heaters, the sun, and the dryer.

21. Is there a right way to wear tights?

We recommend you fold and roll up each leg of your tights and wear it from the tip of your toe delicately, without pulling, unroll it up to your knee and then to the gusset, and finally wear the brief.

22. Why are some knee socks one size only whereas others are available in two sizes?

Most knee stocks fit any leg and foot. However, sometimes two sizes are available as they are designed according to the girth of the calf or to the shoe size.

23. How do I choose the right size of tights?

If you want to be sure you are choosing the right size of tights and thus have a perfect fit, you can check the size chart available on this site. You can also look at the grids on the back of the packaging of your favourite Philippe Matignon items.

24. How does the sizing work?

Hosiery Size Charts
Every Philippe Matignon style is offered in one of three taglie or size ranges.
XS,S,M,L,XL -- S,M,L--S/M,M/L

 Lingerie Size Chart

* No cup sizes. Philippe Matignon bras have gratuated cup sizes and run on the smaller side. If you are unsure, please provide your measurements and inquire at customerservice@revivalbrands.com.

XS fits 32'' band, AA/A cup
S fits 34'' band, A/B cup
M fits 35'' band, B/C cup
L fits 38'' band, C cup