Be Proud of Your Small Busts: Discussions and Resources

Since we are on the topic of dressing for small busts, we found so many good articles and blogs that are dedicated to this topic.

Our friend Treacle at The Lingerie Addict had an interviewed with Chrystal (By Baby’s Rule) and Amanda (32AAbra) about the lingerie industry’s attitude toward small-chested women and misconceptions about them.

For the A cup crowd, minimal assets are a plus” on the New York Times back in 2010 discussed a number of lingerie stores and blogs catered to women with small busts, including Lula Lu, Eve’s Apples, Little Women, Little Bra Company.

Small Bust Big Heart is a UK blog by Catherine, a woman with 34AA cup size. She aims to “[give] a voice to small-busted women. Hunting down the Holy Grail: lingerie that makes the most of their shape and clothes designed to fit their frames (without flapping around their armpits like some sort of hideous wind sock).”

Marie Claire discusses whether men prefer small boobs. collects the community’s opinions on small breasts. Busts 4 Justice busted the myths about cup sizes. Cosmopolitan gives three reasons why having small breasts rocks! She knows reveals tricks for making your small busts sexy.

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2 Responses to Be Proud of Your Small Busts: Discussions and Resources

  1. Treacle says:

    Thanks for sharing The Lingerie Addict with your readers! :)

  2. PM says:

    If you wear a small band/cup size, benefit from this Fab sale NOW before it’s over >>

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