Get Inked With Our Summer Tattoo Tights

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Clockwise: Lierre collant, Fleuri mi-bas, Fleuri collant, Tatoues collant

Tattoos have seen a surge in their mainstream popularity in recent years. This also means the popularization of faux-tattoo products for people who only want the effect of impressive tattoos temporarily. Faux tattoo sleeves, temporary-ink tattoos and Henna tattoos are popping up everywhere, and so are tattoo-print tights.

This summer, Philippe Matignon has caught on with this trend and offers lovers of tights and tattoos some elegant options. From full tights to footless tights and knee-high stockings, this mini tattoo collection comes in neutral tones that help to make the fine tattoo prints stand out.

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The Tatoues footless tights come in semi-opaque black and feature an ankle rose tattoo. The Fleuri summer tights and knee highs carry mini floral prints, which is a stylish, feminine look. The Lierre summer tights incorporate two of the hottest trends in hosiery: tattoo print and backseam.

Tattoo tights are must-haves for those of you who wish to turn heads. We hope you enjoy this selection! Please leave your feedback on Facebook and Twitter.

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