Philippe Matignon’s Hosiery Tips for Brides-to-be

Cristal 30 semi-sheer thigh highs

The wedding is such a significant occasion in every woman’s life that planning for it can make stress accumulate. The Philippe Matignon bridal collection aims to ease the burden on brides to be. We have a few tips for incorporating hosiery on your big day:

1. Show off your wedding gown to the guests on your big day, but save a little something for your groom. A discreet pair of thigh-high stockings with delicate lace bands will be a pleasant surprise for your other half. The silicon lining with hold-up power will keep you feel confident and sexy on this once-in-a-lifetime occasion.

2. If you’re the type who goes for short wedding dresses, adding glamorous legwear to the ensemble is a sure way to bring out your personality and make a long-lasting impression. Take cues from Oscar de la Renta 2013 bridal collection, where the designer features a ballerina-inspired dress and a conservative dress suit with metallic white tights. You can get the look with Philippe Matignon Cristal 30 semi-sheer stay-ups with silicon band.

Oscar de la Renta bridal 2013

3. You should always choose hosiery that is appropriate for your dress and the season. Our bridal collection carries a diverse selection, from cozy ribbed cotton over-the-knee socks (Cote Parisienne coton) and mild-weather semi-sheer thigh highs (Cristal 30 bas-jarretiere) to breezy fishnet stockings (Retina bas-jarretiere). The color palette of traditional white, discreet nude, and sexy black aims to satisfy different bridal preferences.

Macrolosange thigh highs, Retina thigh highs & Cote Parisienne cotton thigh highs

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