Mad Men’s comeback brings great hosiery inspiration

The much anticipated Mad Men is back for a fifth season!

Every episode of Mad Men is a fashion feast. Costume designer Janie Bryant constantly proves deserving of her Emmy award by producing stylish era clothes that reflect characters’ development. The cast of female characters offers viewers a wide range of looks: the conservative career girl Peggy, the prim and proper housewife Betty, the foxy head secretary Joan.

Joan Harris/Philippe Matignon sheer Metallic Collant

The early seasons of Mad Men adopt the high-waisted, full-skirt silhouette for women’s wear. The pantyhose replaced stockings as the go-to leg wear for women because it allowed for more comfort and agility. This undergarment constituted a great source of liberation for women, especially those ambitious like Joan and Peggy.

Playboy bunny/Philippe Matignon semi-opaque Noblesse 50 Collant

The fifth season starts rolling in the daring miniskirts and psychedelic prints of the mid – late 60s. The party scene in the fifth-season premiere showcases saturated party ensembles, including Jane Sterling’s bright orange/white print dress and Peggy Olsen’s yellow frock. Most notable, however, is the new Mrs. Draper vintage rhinestone mini dress with sheer butterfly sleeves worn over fishnet tights.

Megan Draper/Philippe Matignon Retina Collant

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