Introducing Philippe Matignon SS2012 socquette collection

Attention legwear lovers, we are excited to welcome the warm weather! This is an exciting and liberating time after a winter of piling on layers after layers. But this doesn’t mean you have to give up legwear all together!

In anticipation of higher temperatures, Philippe Matignon Spring Summer 2012 collection offers a variety of ankle socks to serve your fashion needs!

(COTELE COTON socquette)


The moderate temperature of spring is a great opportunity to take advantage of the COTELE Cotton Socquette. Wear them with ankle boots for a stylish layering look. Besides black and dark blue, they also come in spring/summer shades of lilac, cornflower blue and pastel. Shop the look>>


FLOU Socquette Coton

Gone are the days where you find socks in the undergarment section. The new ankle sock is a hot fashion accessory, made to be worn visibly with shorts, skirts and cropped pants. Pick a pair of the FLOU Socquette Coton in white (bianco), black (nero) and royal blue (blu urban). Shop the look>>

TROUS socquette

TROUS Socquette

High heels, flats, Oxfords, ankle boots, you name it. The possibility of footwear to pair with the TROUS Socquette is endless. Whatever you end up wearing these ankle socks with, make sure to let the adorable knit pattern peak out. Shop the Look>>

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